Does Do-Follow Comment Backlink Still Worth in 2020

Now, this might be a very interesting question that people usually ask, But lastly answer to this question is not very simple

We need to include many things in order to understand this one simple thing

Now, you might be thinking that “Ok fine, but what are the things that we need to understand”

So, here we will discuss some myths, that broke people usually spread throughout the internet.

We will also discuss, the 4 Type of comment backlink and their effect on your website with exact data given by Neil Patel

But before we proceed, Let’s have a look at some benefits of Comment Backlink

Benefits of Comment Backlink

If we say then comment backlink is the easiest method to build the authority of your website, but at the same time, it also results in increasing the spamming score of your website

Now, let me tell you how?

For example, you started a website and after writing some amazing and unbeatable post you started building High-Quality backlink free through comments only

Now, what does it indicates Google

Yes, it indicates that you are spamming to get backlinks only through the comment

Now, what can you do?

You must keep one thing in your mind, that backlink building should be done through all the method, not just one method

There are tons of method that you can use, Like Forum backlink, Directory Submission or article submission website, Guest Post, Comment backlink, Just Use all the method together to build backlink so that Google Don’t Predict your website as Spamming

But remember that SEO is long term game, not the short term game, hence SEO backlinks is not easy to build, you have work on it

Benefits of Comment Backlink

  1. It is the easiest method to build backlink
  2. It increases the Domain Authority of Website with less effort
  3. Very less time-Consuming Method Ever

Now, Let see some myth related to Comment Backlink

Myth Related to Comment Backlink

There are many myths related to comment backlink, but here we will discuss only Popular one


Myth 1 – Comment Backlink Comes under Spamming

People have misconceptions related to comment backlink building because in 2020 SEO is not easy.

If you only build the Backlink through commenting on different sites, then it is spamming, but if you are building the backlink through many other genuine methods including the comment backlink then it’s not spamming

Myth 2 – Google Don’t Count Comment Backlink

Now, this is one of the greatest myth that we have ever heard, but that’s not true, Google will always pass some jink juice, even the link is No-Follow

So, Just remove all the misconception that Comment backlink is not Worth these days, it still worth a lot if you use right tactics to build high-quality backlink free

So, If you are up to here then definitely you wanted to know more about comment backlink, and that’s why we are here

Below let’s see some Link Juice truth for both Do-Follow as will as No-Follow Backlink

Do-Follow Backlink Versus No-Follow Backlink

So, here we will Divide these backlinks into Four Category after that we will discuss it

  1. High DA Do-Follow Backlink
  2. Low DA Do-Follow Backlink
  3. High Da No-Follow Backlink
  4. Low DA No-Follow Backlink

Let’s discuss each in detail

High DA Do-Follow Backlink

It is the most powerful backlink that you can have, it passes a lot of Link juice through it and also helps you gain ranking quickly on Google

Low DA Do-Follow Backlink

It is also powerful but doesn’t Passes many link juice to your Website, Hence Building you Domain authority through Low DA Do-Follow Backlink is Not a Good Idea

High DA No-Follow Backlink

The Link juice that passes through it is very much similar to Low DA Do-Follow Backlink, Which is really amazing because you can easily build Domain authority with this method with very less effort

If you are now interested then remember to keep reading this article because somewhere, in between this article I have shared the secret to quickly increase domain authority of your website

Low DA No-Follow Backlink

This is not worth, I would prefer you not to get backlinks through these types of Site Until you can gain some traffic from these sites

So, now it’s time for the most interesting question and that “Is it worth building backlink with the comment”

Neil Patel has conducted an experiment which provides us a lot of data and here we are going to reveal those data

Also, I Promised you that I will be sharing one amazing tactic to build backlink with the comment that will give a boost to your website and we will be also sharing that method in just a moment

Data-Driven Experiment for Comment Backlink

Now, here Neil Patel has about 183 Website which then breaks down into 4 Groups (Roughly Every group has About 45 Website)

Now these 4 groups were conducted with different experiment

Let have a Look at those 4 experiments

  1. Control Group – These groups articles don’t receive any backlink over the period of 30 and 150 days, because here Neil wanted to see if a post rank even without any backlink
  2. High DA No-Follow Comment backlink – Now, this groups has received backlink but those backlinks were No-Follow comment But at the same time it is from High authority website
  3. High DA Do-Follow Comment backlink – This groups have received Do-Follow Backlink from High Authority Website but from Comment
  4. Low DA Do-Follow Comment Backlink – This group has received Do-Follow Backlink from Low Authority through the comment

Now, None of the group’s comment backlink has any anchor text, because we don’t want that our comment looks spammy.

Each comment content at least 75 words, so that our comment provided value to the user

Now, Let’s Dive into the experiment, We know that you are excited to know the tactics that I have promised to share with you, It’s Just Below and we will share it with you in a moment

Control Group

This Group Don’t Receive any Backlink but even though the article is ranking on Google

This proves that better On-page SEO will help you rank in Google Even Without Any backlink building

But this process is very slow, and all we know that in 2020 SEO is a game of Long term, not short term

High DA No-Follow Comment backlink

Although this group received No-Follow Comment Backlink, even though it performs better than “Control Group” 

This also proves us that No-Follow Backlink is Worth only when it is built within an Authority website, hence No-Follow Comment Backlink is not even worth if it is building within a Low domain authority website

Low DA Do-Follow Comment Backlink

Now, this is really shocking

Can you see the result are very much similar to No-Follow Comment backlink through High Domain Authority Website

Mean you will get the same result when you get backlinks through

  1. No-Follow From High DA Website
  2. Do-Follow From Low DA Website

High DA Do-Follow Comment Backlink

This Group has received Do-Follow Comment Backlink, and the result is really shocking

Article Ranked really higher into the google search result

Trick to instantly Rank a Particular Post

As I promised to share the trick that will help you build 

When you start a website it doesn’t receive organic backlink, instead, you have to follow the backlink building strategies

And Comment Backlink is just the simple Way for backlink building

During the starting period of Website, you at first need a Minimum of 15 Post, so that whenever someone comes to your website then they don’t feel the lack of content in your website

After Writing 15 post you have to get backlinks just 2 Do-Follow Comment Backlink From High Authority Website into each post

Once you have done, your second step is to start uploading Content into Pinterest, which will also provide you a backlink

Now, you have to find the Guest Post Accepting Website in your niche and start making just single Do-Follow Backlink From sites into each post

And the last step is to build Backlink from Forum and Article Submission sites toward your domain not toward your post because you already made 3 Do-Follow Backlink from High authority website indicating toward your post and that’s enough

Now, you have to follow the same tactics again and again until you start receiving an organic backlink

These tactics are followed by Quotes Image website for ranking their post in google


This experiment proves that comment backlinks are really worthy these days and we can focus on building the comment backlink

Here is one warning and that never ever use backlink maker to get backlinks because it will not increase your website authority, instead it will increase your domain spam score.

So, you have build backlink through many sources into both article and domain

Also, you must not ignore the No-Follow Backlink from High Authority site, because it also passes the Link juice toward your site

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