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Great, Go through the given sales problem and find which one eats your sales/leads/ or customers


Do you have a business without a website?

”You are losing your money on the table if you have not a website for your business…!!”

1. 93% of your customers searching for your products or services on the internet every day.

2. Having a website will attract new customers to your business and make you more money.

3. Website can double, triple or quadruple your business.

4. Website increase your sales and leads

5. having a website will influence purchasing decisions.

6. The website instantly build trust and credibility.

7. Having a website will end up saving you time.

8. Making a website for the business is not as hard, or as expensive, as you think.

Does your website not rank on Google's first page?

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1. You need SEO for your website

2. SEO will increase your website traffic

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4. SEO increase sales and leads

5. SEO pull your quality customers on your website

6. SEO build trust and credibility

7. SEO increase your brand awareness & equity

8. SEO receives 90% more clicks than PPC

9. SEO can increase your website referrals

10. SEO drive offline sales

11. SEO is more cost-effective than paid advertising

12. Your competitors are useing SEO to grow

13. SEO ranking provides 24/7 promotion



Your business is not listed on Google My Business?

“72% of consumers who do a local search visit a store within five miles, so if your business isn’t ranking in Google’s top 3 local searches, you’re losing $ 1000k dollars per month…!!”

1.Your business Show Up in Google Maps Searches

2. Your business Show Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack

3. Earn Trust & credibility From your Customers

4. Star Ratings Boost Your Appeal

5. Your website gains more targeted Traffic

6. People learn More About Your Business

7. Rank Higher in search results (SERP)

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9. Free Google Advertising

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If you have done all the above things in your business


I have not finished yet…

One more question please...

Do you advertise to gain more customers?



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And on what basis am I telling you all these things?

This is sanjay (Digital Marketer/SEO Expert)

Business is nothing apart multiplication, if you can't multiply you can't exist in business.

I'm Strongly Believe in Multiplication...!!

That’s why my life circulating around One Thing (*)

Lets Introduce Myself Quickly...

In 2016 I had completed my graduation and before joining any company I took some time and thought about multiplication.

For the first time, I knew the power of multiplication in childhood. At that time, I was studying in 1st class. I used to sell stickers / Jaljira / milk powder (pouches) to my village friends.

I started this idea with 25 paise and made 100 rupees from it. That was the biggest achievement of my life.

I multiplied my money 400 times.

That is the power of multiplication and the power of business… !!

So I decided to multiply my money through business by working for myself.

And I started my first blog in 2016, it took almost a year to rank and make money.

During this period I learned the digital marketing strategy to promote websites on the first page of Google.

After that, I did not look back and started one website after another.

at this time I have 35 websites and I’m earning decent amount of money every day from it.

In 2018 I was decided to help other businesses and grow their website in google ranking, till now I have ranked 100+ websites on google’s first page on the first ranking. because of that, every business owner multiplies their business up to ten times and earn $100k extra dollar per month just by digitalized their business.

This is the success story of me and other business owners.

what about your business, why you’re losing $100k dollar per month.

Be aware, Adopt technology, Take advantage of the website and boom your business.

No matter what your business types, every business can adopt technology and grow.

I can help you to grow your business with the following services

How I Help You?


Technical SEO

Fix all technical issues of website


On Page SEO

Optimize web page for users & SERP


Off Page SEO

Social Optimization | Brand Creation


Local SEO

Optimize your website for local customers


GMB Optimization

Google my business optimization


Copy Writing

Landing & Sales page, Email, Ads copy


Are you unable to decide which service is best for you?

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